Join Our Tech Adventure for HammerCon!

Join Our Tech Adventure for HammerCon!
The key to the future, generated by DALL-E

Hey everyone!

I'm super excited to tell you about a cool project I'm working on for HammerCon. It's all about blending neat tech ideas - think big concepts like cognition, quantum physics, and the fundamental nature of information security.

And guess what? I'm looking for friends to join in!

We're all about sharing ideas and making something extraordinary together. If you love tinkering with tech, figuring out complex stuff, or want to be part of a fun project, you're exactly who I'm looking for!

Here's How You Can Jump In:

  • Got some tech skills or ideas? Let's hear them!
  • Love problem-solving? Help us refine our project.
  • Want to be part of an incredible submission? Come on board!

Why join? Well, it's a great chance to work on something innovative, meet like-minded tech enthusiasts, and have a blast creating something we're all proud of.

Interested? Drop me a message, and let's start this tech adventure together!

This is a short deadline; the call for papers is due on 14 February. You will be credited as a co-author if you make an intellectual contribution.

Catch you soon!