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It's important to embrace the people in our communities. I'm fortunate to live in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania, and love being able to share time with my neighbors. I also care deeply about our global family and have friends all around the world. Here are some causes on my heart:

Angel Investing

As an angel investor, I focus on empowering ethical innovation and technological advancement. My investments, from pioneering space connectivity to next-generation power solutions to advancing medical breakthroughs, reflect a commitment to positively shaping the future. I champion companies that prioritize sustainability, education, and health, ensuring my contributions foster tangible progress and integrity. My goal is to drive change that matters, aligning each investment with my vision for a better, more ethical world.

My investments include:

  • Aerial Resupply Coffee: A veteran-owned company focused on roasting premium coffee and supporting veterans and first responders.
  • BioClonetics Immunotherapeutics: Specializes in monoclonal antibodies for treating infectious diseases.
  • ByteNite: Enhances media workflows with a grid computing system.
  • Flower Turbines, Inc.: Provides innovative wind turbines with the patented Bouquet Effect.
  • Ganaz Inc.: Offers a people management platform for agriculture and food processing.
  • Generation Genius, Inc.: A K-8 educational resource bringing science to life.
  • Grit Grocery: Imagine a Farmers Market + Blue Apron, on a food truck.
  • LPPFusion: Focuses on clean, efficient energy solutions with zero emissions.
  • Mycroft AI Inc.: An open-source, privacy-focused voice assistant.
  • Ohos: Crowdsourcing consulting and performance feedback analytics.
  • Parvenu: Parvenu lets sales, marketing, and fundraising teams find email addresses to get in front of the right contacts.
  • ShapeScale: A health and wellness technology company focused on empowering individuals.
  • Solstar Space Company: Pioneers in space-based connectivity.
  • SpaceFab: Developing omni-material 3D printers and imaging satellites.
  • StorEn Technoligies: Vanadium Redux batteries for long-lasting affordable energy storage.