Curriculum Vitae

Jeffrey Samuel Schulman Jr


Ph.D. Informatics (2023-2027, estimated), The Pennsylvania State University

M.S. Cybersecurity Technology (2016-2018), University of Maryland Global Campus

M.S. International Relations, National Security Policy (2005-2007), Troy University

B.B.A. Computer Information Systems (2000-2005), Campbell University


[J2] "Focusing on Goals and Objectives: Updating a Principle of Marine Corps Leadership" - Marine Corps Gazette (Accepted, pending publication)

[J1] "Entropy: An Essential Component of Cryptographic Security" - The Journal of Cybersecurity Awareness and Education (2019)

[E1] Editor (Transcription), "Physics as Information Processing" (2024) - Active Inference Journal

[O1] "What is 3-Factor Authentication?" - SecureTrust Cybersecurity Council


[T2] Adjunct Instructor. IST 220, Networking and Telecommunications, Penn State University College of Information Sciences and Technology. Spring 2022, Fall 2022, Spring 2023.

[T1] Course developer and instructor. Defense Message Dissemination System (DMDS) Operator Course. United States Marine Corps, Second Force Service Support Group. 2000.

[L2] Guest Lecturer. Influence: Rumpelstiltskin and Real-Life Influence Operations (IO). SRA 111, Introduction to Security and Risk Analysis. Penn State University College of Information Sciences and Technology. 1 November 2023.

[L1] Guest Lecturer. Top 10 Security Misconfigurations. CYB 262, Cyber Defense Studio. Penn State University College of Information Sciences and Technology. 19 October 2023.

Grants, Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards

[S1] Scholarship, Aspen Institute Tech Policy Hub, Writing for Policy Short Course, May 2024

[A3] National Security Agency Frank B. Rowlett Organizational Award, recognizing outstanding Federal government organizational cybersecurity excellence, 2014

[A2] Time Magazine Person of the Year, The Ebola Fighters, 2014

[A1] Joint Service Achievement Medal, Department of Defense, Awarded for Excellence in Applied Computer Security, 2003


Strategic leader in global information security with a zeal for team building, problem-solving, and driving clarity in dynamic environments. Adjunct faculty member passionate about inspiring future leaders. Specializing in cybersecurity architecture, operational improvement, and transdisciplinary education. Research interests include active inference, information security, explainable artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction. Focus areas include deception, sequential domains, modeling & simulation, quantum information theory, and mutant agents.


Manteio Company Founder (Jun 2023-Present)

  • A veteran-owned business specializing in advanced information security and cybersecurity strategy and modernization through automation and AI integration.
  • The company excels in proactive risk management, compliance, and resilience, offering tailored solutions that combine industry expertise with innovative strategies to protect businesses against digital and informational threats and apply advanced tools and methods to lower costs and improve efficiency.

Penn State University College of Information Sciences and Technology Adjunct Faculty (Jan 2022 - Present)

• Co-founded the Penn State Lab for Artificial Intelligence that's Testable, Interpretable, and Explainable (PLAINTEXT)

• Co-founded the Penn State Open-Source Program Office (OSPO) to promote organizational open-source software use and development, ensuring security and compliance with licensing standards, and providing necessary guidance and resources. The OSPO streamlines the adoption, creation, and governance of open-source software in alignment with the university's educational and research goals.

• Encourage faculty, staff, and students' engagement in open-source projects, enhancing skills, contributing to the community, and positioning Penn State as a leader in open technologies in higher education.

• Deliver and customize course content through lectures, exercises, virtual labs, and contemporary topics.

• Recruit, mentor, and manage a team of learning assistants to support classroom activities.

• Enhance learning by incorporating guest lecturers and providing interdisciplinary instruction.

• Support and mentor students in extracurricular activities, including scholarship and study abroad applications, and guide student organizations.

The Pennsylvania State University Applied Research Laboratory CISO (Acting) Chief Information Security Officer, Cybersecurity Architect, Information Security Systems Engineer, SOC Manager (Jun 2019 - September 2023)

• Oversaw the design and implementation of RMF, CMMC, and FEDRAMP-Authorized security solutions as a Cybersecurity Architect for a $400m/year+ research enterprise and led security program development for cloud computing modeling and simulation (M&S) research DevSecOps private clouds, driving revenue growth from $2 to $10+ million annually.

• Served as the Acting Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)/Director of Cybersecurity from July to October 2020, significantly reducing operational backlog and resolution times by 50%.

• Managed the Security Operations Center (SOC) from July 2019 to June 2021, ensuring effective day-to-day defensive cyber operations, and acted as Information Security Systems Engineer (ISSE) for ongoing research programs to maintain compliance and risk management.

• Spearheaded multiple enterprise cybersecurity initiatives, developed technical roadmaps, standardized training, led Capture the Flag (CTF) teams, founded the Penn State Cybersecurity Collaboration group, and supported talent development through internships and recruitment.

US Africa Command J6 (GDIT) Platforms Engineering Team Lead, Senior Systems Engineer, Capacity Manager (Jan 2011 – May 2019) Stuttgart, Germany

• Line manager leading the Platforms Engineering team for a $350m/year enterprise, driving development and integration of RMF-Authorized critical systems such as the SQL, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Nessus, BlackBerry AtHoc ENS, log analytics tools, and cybersecurity readiness inspections.

• Led the deployment of a RMF-Authorized and DoD-Internet-DMZ STIG compliant DMZ extension and integrating USG/DoD security requirements, while also overseeing Active Directory upgrades and the creation of standard OS baseline images.

• Played a vital role in teamwork, security, and capacity management, designing a global security compliance system, developing the AFRICOM and EUCOM IT Capacity Plan, and leading the legacy domain decommissioning effort with zero user impact.

• Contributed strategically and operationally as a representative in the DoD PKI working group, member of key IT teams, author of capacity management reports, and leader in IT strategy, personnel hiring, and process improvement initiatives.

• Designed and deployed a comprehensive communications stack for Operation United Assistance, the 2014 U.S. Government Response to the West Africa Ebola Epidemic, spearheading identity and access management with Active Directory and orchestrating configuration management and OS image deployment using SCCM to ensure robust and secure system operations.

Defense Intelligence Agency (SAIC) Senior Systems Administrator (2003-2011) Seoul, South Korea

• Senior Systems Administrator: Managed five enterprise networks with over 2000 users, specializing in SCCM, Microsoft Exchange, VMWare, SCOM, and various administration roles including Active Directory, TACLANE, and NetApp.

• IT Systems Design and Integration: Designed, installed, configured, and managed IT systems and SCCM architecture across multiple networks, ensuring efficient operation and integration.

• System Maintenance and Compliance: Conducted system engineering, administration, maintenance, implementation, and troubleshooting, along with backups, documentation, disaster recovery planning, IAVA compliance, and vulnerability mitigation.

• Support and Coordination: Authored DITSCAP accreditation, coordinated LDAP directory replication, provided support during military exercises, and led enterprise workstation refreshes along with tier II-III end-user support.

United States Marine Corps - Active Duty Enlisted Marine Sergeant, Data Network Specialist (1999-2003)

• Completed active duty as a Sergeant (E-5) in the Marines, serving as Systems Administrator for U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Korea, and supporting key communications functions and VTC capabilities during major exercises and at the Republic of Korea Marine Corps Headquarters.

• Oversaw information technology system design, implementation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, while also upgrading network architecture and administering critical systems for the Second Force Service Support Group at Camp Lejeune.

• Designed and implemented cutting-edge security and remote access systems, including the RASP4Secret PCMCIA and the DMS and DMDS architecture, enhancing operational security and data protection.

• Developed comprehensive training programs, successfully training over 200 users in DMS operations and providing ongoing support for a wide range of units and staff sections.


Organizational Affiliations